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A New Beginning

I am pleased to annouce that I am moving my practice to the thriving neighborhood of 15th Ave on Capitol Hill. Having been drawn to this neighborhood in 2007, I have come to see it as home in more ways than one, and now one more!

Community can be crucial in defining one's identity and supports. It also allows us the opportunity to choose our own family/tribe. Discovering we are not alone in our quirks, desires, humor, flavor, passion, etc... Or that there is more beauty and cohesiveness in the eclectic combinations of very different people who can create peace, diversity, and springboard us into better versions of ourselves. We belong.

Sometimes it can take a while to find your place. Most of the time it requires risking yourself. Risking people not "getting it", exposing your humor without anyone laughing, or even opening your heart and it being rejected. It it worth it. And your home can be found.

I hope to assist others in finding a sense of belonging in their community, and I am excited to be working in the heart of mine very soon.

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