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Joy Rufener, MA, LMHC, LPCC  
Art Psychotherapist

Is life feeling like too much to handle alone lately? Are you feeling stuck or hopeless? Do you struggle to prioritize yourself or even know who you are or what you want? You are not alone. 

This non-judgmental space has been created for you to unload your burden. You will be listened to, believed in, acknowledged, and seen. You will be welcomed. You are invited to create this space for yourself.


Together we will embark on a journey toward emotional healing and wholeness while also paying attention to what is happening in the present moment. My mindfulness-based Jungian approach is also holistic in nature, exploring mind, body, and spirit.  

I am a queer therapist familiar with non-traditional relationship structures. I have experience working with a variety of populations and presenting issues including adults and adolescents with grief, anxiety, depression, trauma, LGBTQ+ issues, spirituality issues, health-related issues, and relational problems.

Art-making is always available. Using art-making in therapy can help us understand our path to healing and wholeness. Art can assist us as a vehicle of expression and integration for difficult experiences, emotions, and aspects of ourselves.

Together we can incorporate your personal creativity and innate wisdom to understand your current experience and develop tools for continued mental health, well-being, and meaningful relationships in your life.   

art therapy counseling office Santa Ana, CA
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